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There are two ways to locate court cases, state, district and federal. The first place that we recommend is LexisNexis. You can find LexisNexis in our database list. Once you are on LexisNexis, look to the bottom of the page and you will see a grey/silver box that says "Look Up a Legal Case". Click on that link to display a drop down search menu. Here you can enter your court case number, parties or search by a topic. Once you get your results, you can limit those results on the left by state, federal or supreme courts.

The second way to get access to court cases is through Google Scholar. Scholar offers coverage of all the court cases like LexisNexis. The key difference between the two is the set of tools the user has access to once they have found their court case. LexisNexis provides a more detailed and focused set of tools for tracking down additional cases through Shepardization and Case Briefs.

Bottom line, if you are just looking for a court case, either will work. If you need to learn more about that case and the cases that preceded and followed it, LexisNexis is the stronger of the two.

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