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Often, for research at the college level, you will be asked to find scholarly articles. Scholarly articles are different from popular articles. Scholarly articles:

  • Present original research or events related to a specific discipline
  • Are written by experts in a particular field, with credentials often stated
  • Are mostly text, but may supported by graphs, tables, or charts
  • Cite other scholarly sources

Popular articles:

  • Often focus on current events or pop culture, or present opinions
  • Are written by staff writers or free-lancers, whose credentials are often not stated
  • May contain glossy, color photographs and advertising
  • Are written for non-specialists, often on time-sensitive topics

Many databases include an option to limit your search to "scholarly journals" or "peer-reviewed articles." These can be helpful to narrow down your search, but remember to look critically at your results to make sure the sources you choose fit the requirements set by your instructor.

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